Decentralizing energy sector in Ukraine

A For-Profit Initiative to minimize the threat of massive electricity loss through a widespread adoption of solar systems

The Siege of Chernihiv lasted for 40 days. On Day 15 Chernihiv was encircled. Over 90% of Chernihiv area residents had no electricity from Day 16 to Day 35.

Besides dysfunctional food storage and water pumping, electricity loss poses service disruption for body storage in morgues, premature babies incubators, operating rooms and intensive care units in hospitals, and air-raid sirens.

“The war only confirms the importance of further active development of renewable energy sources. Its independence from resources, safety for the environment and the health of citizens, and small distributed generation provides energy if grid lines are damaged” - Oleksandr Kozakevych, chairman of the Ukraine Association of Renewable Energy

The Opportunity

The first project is to build a public “proof-of-concept” within Ukrainian realities of law and war. We are planning to build one utility plant in Chernihiv area with an output of 30 kWh. Besides decreasing environmental footprint from producing electricity, this project is also a real estate play, as we will be acquiring land to install future solar plants on.


Sq ft of panels to be installed


Estimated setup cost


Average yearly revenue per one plant

~12 tons

Estimated carbon offset per year

~67 months

Estimated payback period

Visual representation of one share of North Radiant Inc.

The Precedent

Ukrainian Parliament (officially called Verkhovna Rada) passed a bill to legalize cryptocurrencies on Feb 17th, 2022.

We would like to take this venture one step further and raise startup capital through NFT-as-a-share issuance. We are making 250,000 out of 10,000,000 shares available for a seed round of an equivalent of €25,000 in cryptocurrency.

We would like to be one of the first companies to use blockchain as a company stock ownership verification tool and to establish appropriate frameworks for running such corporate structure.

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A few of FAQ

Cofounded by two Chernihiv residents - Dmytro Markov, Deputy Head of IT of Chernihiv area energy provider company, and Yuri Vaskovski, founder of VASKO agency and entrepreneur with 20+ years of experience.

Based on overall and first hand experience during war we learned that one of the main proof currencies is photo reports. Our business colleagues helped us purchase expensive items for the army needs and only required a photo proof of delivery, just like the Minister of Digital Transformation reported the receival of Starlink shipment from Elon Musk. All major milestones will be reported through our Discord server and social media accounts, with some being exclusive to shareholders.

Unfortunately, there are no shipments going directly to Ukraine at the moment. We have established delivery routes through Europe (UK, Germany and Poland) during the war for things we were buying for the army needs, which we will utilize to bring panels, invertors and other things into the country. Since the border is quite busy, it is really hard to provide a close estimate on the timeline. We expect to get everything needed into the country within a month from the moment of ordering, one more month to set up the plants, and two to four weeks to get them connected to the grid, as there is a bunch of bureaucracy procedures invovled.