Frequently Asked Questions

Cofounded by two Chernihiv residents - Dmytro Markov, Deputy Head of IT of Chernihiv area energy provider company, and Yuri Vaskovski, founder of VASKO agency and entrepreneur with 20+ years of experience.

Ukrainian Parliament has passed a law that creates a legal framework for the cryptocurrency industry in the country. To read more please refer to these links:

We are utilizing a new standard ERC1155 for token creation on Ethereum blockchain. It is characterized as a semi-fungible token protocol, which draws ideas from both fungible and non-fungible tokens. As we are offering our stock through an NFT-native platform we are using the word “NFT” to provide a familiar reference. We are utilizing NFT because we think that NFT is a perfect alternative to old school “paper” stocks. As per Investopedia, “Common shares represent a claim on profits (dividends) and confer voting rights”. Each NFT transaction is recorded on the blockchain, and as such, allows the company to easily locate addresses of shareholders to pay out dividends to, and to verify the ownership of NFT shares to provide automatic access to shareholders-only discussions.

Technically, there is no legal vehicle at the moment to start any form of legal action against the company as a shareholder, as holding NFTs is not recognized as a valid proof of ownership by any government at the moment. That is why we are calling this “The Precedent” to create a real life example as to how this ownership method should operate.

Based on overall and first hand experience during war we learned that one of the main proof currencies is photo reports. Our business colleagues helped us purchase expensive items for the army needs and only required a photo proof of delivery, just like the Minister of Digital Transformation reported the receival of Starlink shipment from Elon Musk. All major milestones will be reported through our Discord server and social media accounts, with some being exclusive to shareholders.

Each cofounder will receive a total of 35% through a time-based vesting schedule. 5% at the time of issuance and 6% each year for a total of 5 years. The Head of Design will receive 2% at the time of issuance.

Unfortunately, there are no shipments going directly to Ukraine at the moment. We have established delivery routes through Europe (UK, Germany and Poland) during the war for things we were buying for the army needs, which we will utilize to bring panels, invertors and other things into the country. Since the border is quite busy, it is really hard to provide a close estimate on the timeline. We expect to get everything needed into the country within a month from the moment of ordering, one more month to set up the plants, and two to four weeks to get them connected to the grid, as there is a bunch of bureaucracy procedures invovled.

Besides Dmytro having 10+ years of experience creating and managing different types of networks of small and large scales, and running IT and hardware infrastructure of the energy provider in the region for the past 3 years, he also has consulted a few residential solar projects in the region and explored the usage of solar energy within the existing energy infrastructure of the region.

We plan on expanding our operations by creating more similar-sized plants across the region and later the country. Also, our experience will enable us to explore the opportunity to provide sales and installation services for residential, private and public sectors. Other sources of green energy like wind might be considered down the road.